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This is what _________ says about SWAPA


This is what _________ says about SWAPA


HJ, 10yrs from Stoke Newington:

I like SWAPA because you get all the freedom you want, you get to run and jump around as there is plenty of space.

We get to make fire, then we sit around the warm fire pit with our friends and the staff eating marsmallows in winter.

What I like most of all is doing flips on the trampoline!

This is what HJ says about SWAPA

...They just can't get enough...

& soon they're back again for more!

Kids Simply Love SWAPA!!!

"To me SWAPA means play and time for space. SWAPA is also a place to sociolise with my friends and meet new people... "

(12 years old)

"SWAPA is just aplace to relax and chill out with your friends... "

(14 years old)

"SWAPA means a place that I can come to meet new people and take part in activities. It's also a home away from home... "

(15 years old)

Children simply say 'We love SWAPA', 'We love our open access adventure playground...'

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