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A little bit about SWAPA


SWAPA is an open access playground in Stoke Newington N16, Hackney for 6 -15 year olds, staffed by qualified and trained play workers. We provides a range of open access play services for all children and young people, being an open access playground means all the children are able to use the facilities free of charge.


All children over 6yrs attending on their own are required to be registered with SWAPA, children under the age of 6yrs need to supervised by an appropriate adult at all times during visit. We are an inclusive play provision in Hackney for up to 15 year olds and sometimes older depending on their contribution and effect and agreement of  other users.


Shakespeare Walk Adventure Playground contributes by improving children’s play, learning and social opportunities, SWAPA provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for children to access; from cooking, jumping, swinging, climbing, den building and lots more besides…


It is local, it’s free, we encourage neighbouring and related friends to all play together. The playground is accessible, all inclusive. It enables disabled children to share in the freedom of choice and adventure along with their peers.


The playground contributes to child development by encouraging children to discover and test themselves against the environment, using tools and materials for safety, promotes hygiene whilst cooking in the kitchen and supports diversity by mixing with other children.


The playground is staffed with on-site qualified first aiders and professional playworkers who are on hand ensuring the safety of the children at all times, we provide a stable and positive environment. Playworkers encourage children to explore, problem solving, to push them-selves, create and rebuild their playground, allowing the children to feel right at home when at SWAPA!


Children who come on their own must be registered. We have over 300 children and young people registered can attend at any time we are open.


The playground has been community run for 36 years and has seen generations of young people pass through. The site is also used for parties and events and can be hired


The playground has been community run for 36 years and has seen generations of young people pass through. The site is also used for parties and events and can be hired


We love different cultures that in-rich our playground and the users socially, we have many minority groups and are inlcusive to all cultures, Kurdish, Turkish, Muslim, Hindu, Irish, Black African, Black, Egyptian Caribbean, Mixed parentage, Greek, Cypriot, first generation English and more recently Eastern European.


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Who and what is SWAPA

SWAPA is a charitable organisation run by a voluntary management committee who work in partnership with the playwork team.

Once a year we have an (AGM) Annual General Meeting where parents and local community members can choose to join the management committee or help out as volunteers.

The playground supports the rights of children to make choices in their play whilst enabling children to explore the natural world around them, to take risks and to challenge themselves.


How We Are Run


SWAPA is run by a management of local people, parents and professionals who are responsible for our finances, policies, insurance, staff, fundraising, equipment, projects and the well being of those who use the facilities. We also have volunteers, members of the community and trainees who contribute to the life of the playground.


We currently employ two full time staff members with 1-2 part- time and inclusion workers during the school holidays, when numbers increase. All staff have relevant training, qualifications and a DBS check, in line with current Child Protection and Safeguarding practices.

The playground is also registered with Ofsted - the board that monitors quality and safety standards in children's services.

Our Aims

To provide a free quality play provision all year round, developing community links, bringing the natural world into a rich, varied play environment.


To facilitate stimulating self-directed play opportunities, provide learning occasions for children and young people within a setting that empowers and respects them and their needs.   

 Provide play and social opportunities

 Enjoy and achieve new skills

 Promote emotional well-being

 Friendship

 Promote independence

 Increase self-confidence & self esteem

By diverting users from antisocial behaviour and crime, the playground provides positive activities for young people being at risk. This is the only such play provision for young people in this part of Stoke Newington, Hackney

Our Belief

We all believe that through activities and participation, we can really help integrate our young people. Play is spontaneous and freely chosen. If we can help them to develop their own individual form of expression and build their confidence we believe we can help them become productive, integrated members of society.

We also work in partnership with Hackney Play Association, bilding links with the local Community Police and various other groups and agencies and encourage those who show interest, older users, trainees and volunteers, to develop a possible future career in Playwork/childcare

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